I love what I do and I love helping others experience their own joy creating art. I have been teaching, both drawing and pastels, for about 15 years.

When I teach, I hold back nothing. I’ve learned generosity of teaching from some pretty extraordinary artists and teachers: Doug Dawson, David Langevin, Sally Strand, Suzanne Northcott, and Nick Bantock. All gave freely of their knowledge and their energy in the workshops I took. My hope is that I bring the same to my students.

In my workshops, you’ll get one-on-one guidance. I’ll take you through a series of exercises to examine and practice what I have to teach. If you leave that gnarly old beast Judgment at the door, you’ll be able to give yourself permission to take risks and leaps of faith and you’ll have fun! Be open to experimentation – this is a safe place to make a gazillion mistakes and in doing so, move yourself forward in the act of creation. It’s through these so-called failures that we can grow.


I also offer private lessons as I know that’s the way some people work and develop best. Please contact me for more details.