Month: July 2012

Dum Vivimus Vivamus – Art Project revealed!

  Dum vivimus vivamus – While we live, let’s LIVE!   I first heard this meaningful latin phrase used by Patrizio, an inspiring artist I met in La Manzanilla, Mexico this winter. When my friend Andrea came down to visit, we took in an art exhibition entitled “Vivir” which is the Spanish word for “to

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Thumbnail sketches and a teaser

Before I get to my thumbnail sketches, let me tell you about my last couple of days. Great they were! I have just returned from Salt Spring Island where I spent time with good friends, Sandy and Andrea. First, a short overnight with Sandy (we watched the movie The Artist – worth seeing if you

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Joan Eardley (1921-1963)… my newest discovery

While in Sedona at a painting workshop last May, someone mentioned the artist Joan Eardley. I’d never heard of her but today, as I struggled to move forward with my more experimental work, I researched her on the internet and discovered the powerful work of a Scottish painter cut short at age 42 by breast

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When in Doubt….

So I was listening to a programme about increasing productivity last night (I need all the help I can get!). The presenter, Perry Marshall, was saying that you should be 100% sold on a project before you get into it, as in, don’t get involved in something you aren’t truly passionate about. Yeah, I’m thinking,

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Plein air painting on Salt Spring Island

Over the weekend I was on Salt Spring visiting my Mum and Dad. Since the weather was glorious, we headed out to do some plein air painting. It’s been quite some time since I pastelled on location so I was a bit apprehensive. But you know what? It went okay. I see a few things

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