Month: April 2013

The taxman cometh……the tax collector as seen in art

  Hmmmm……haven’t been in my studio much these last few days. Why? Well, I’m late, I’m late for a very important date….and that would be 30th April – the taxes are due date! So we’ve had our heads down, madly getting accounts in order.     In ‘honour’ of tax time, I thought it might

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Making the effort …. a new video

  Making the Effort…   I haven’t been scottish country dancing in ages. Last night, there was a Spring dance and I knew it would be a smart thing to go (you know – exercise, social interaction, mental stimulation, fun, all those good things) but the lazy, I’m-comfortable-here-at-home-thank-you-very-much inclination was upon me. It took self-talk

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Another art direction …. and Maggie Price – In Memoriam

The Promised Artwork   In my recent newsletter, I assured you that if you couldn’t make it to the opening of the Symbolically 8 exhibition at Gallery 8, you’d see my entry for the show in this blog. I’m here to do just that but first, let me give you a little background as to

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Georgia O’Keeffe in Hawaii…..Really???

  My friend Sandy has just taken off to Maui for three weeks and that got me thinking about my previous blog about Georgia O’Keeffe and my discovery during my research that she had been to Hawaii. Did you know she’d been to Hawaii??   This revelation came as a complete surprise to me. Previously

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Daily Painting – one last one from La Manzanilla

  I’m back in Victoria, Canada, and slowly slowly settling back into the groove of the north. Wonderfully, the sun shone down this past Easter weekend and Cam and I spent much of Monday in the garden. It’s just beautiful right now, with flowers and leaves bursting forth, all awakening. Next time I’ll have a

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