Month: February 2014

The Evolution of “The Ginkgo Tree”

  As you know, I am in full swing preparing for my May show at Gallery 8 on Salt Spring Island. One of my new pieces that will be in the show was inspired by the view of the ginkgo tree in full autumn regalia outside my studio window. I just couldn’t not recreate the glory

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Smooching: The Kiss in Art

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the day of reminding us what love is all about, than to share images of the kiss in art?   I know there are many creations out there showing the kiss in art and I’d love to hear about your favourites. In the meantime, here are a few to

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Andrea del Sarto, "Portrait of a Man," c.1517-18, oil on linen, 28 1/2 x 22 1/2 in, National Gallery, London

Andrea del Sarto – High Renaissance master

  The other day I came across a painting by Andrea del Sarto (1486-1530) and was reminded of how much I like his work. There is something about the way he painted fabric and his use of a particular red that I react to emotionally. As well, he painted such interesting expressions on characters that

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