A Sketch A Day – My Commitment to Project 365!

Sketch a day 365-12 - pencil Next Door Neighbours

Some days I don’t draw or paint, busy as I am on the computer with internet marketing and creating online courses. And this really gets to me sometimes. So I’ve decided to do a sketch a day in 2015 and post it daily on my Facebook Page. There will be no limits as to medium, size, complexity. Some may be a few lines, others more intricate. Some may be abstract while others are drawn from life. Most will probably be small.


Notice I am calling them ‘sketches’ rather than ‘drawings.’ I feel the word ‘drawing’ puts too much pressure on me – sounds too serious. ‘Sketch’ means something quick and off the cuff. Let’s see what happens. The whole exercise will be a way to keep my ‘seeing muscle’ active on those days that I am not actively in my studio.

As I write, it’s day 24 and I’ve posted 24 sketches so far. I know that it’s gonna be tough some days to get to sketching but having the Facebook commitment will help keep me on track. It has already as a few days ago I sure didn’t feel like sketching. But I did. And then travelling to Mexico and all that travelling entails, I may have just not got around to it. But I did. And that is most satisfying. I figure it doesn’t matter what it looks like – the main thing is to do it!


I’ll post a few of the sketches here so you can get an idea of what I’ve done so far. I’d love you to hop onto Facebook and see the daily sketches. You can also cheer me on – I know I’ll need it!


Sketch a day - 365-1- pencil. My first one!!
Sketch a day – 365-1- pencil – The Bedroom Door. My first sketch!!


Sketch a day 365-3 - pencil, My Honey Pondering
Sketch a day 365-3 – pencil – My Honey Pondering


Sketch a day 365-5 - ballpoint pen - After Tea At Murchies
Sketch a day 365-4 – ballpoint pen – After Tea At Murchies


Sketch a day 365-8 - HB Pencil - The Car Outside
Sketch a day 365-8 – HB Pencil – The Car Outside    I had time and interest to go beyond a contour drawing into shading!


Sketch a day 365-12 - pencil Next Door Neighbours
Sketch a day 365-12 – pencil – Next Door Neighbours


Sketch a day 365-13 pen and ink, Looking IntoThe Kitchen
Sketch a day 365-13 – pen and ink – Looking Into The Kitchen


Sketch a day 365-15 pencil, Ferry Pipes
Sketch a day 365-15 – pencil – Ferry Pipes


Sketch a Day 365-20 pencil, View of the Street - A day I really didn't feel like sketching!!
Sketch a Day 365-20-pencil – View of the Street     This was a day I really didn’t feel like sketching – and it’s only day 20……of 365.


So there you have a few of my sketch a day creations. There’s a whole lot to create before the end of the year but I’ll take it one day at a time, one sketch at a time. Please wish me luck!!


Happily, I’m writing you this post from La Manzanilla, Mexico! We arrived last night and have settled into our rental casita easily and quickly. It’s so lovely and warm here and it’s good to see old friends once again (bumped into quite a few over the last 24 hours!).  This is our eight year here!! And we just keep coming back for more it’s that wonderful! Mind you, this is the first time we aren’t taking a tango workshop but we’ll be sure to go to the dances (two a week) as we did bring our shoes 🙂


Hope you’ll check out the sketch a day on my Facebook Page (and please Like it if you haven’t  – I am very close to 500 Likes!!).


Until next time,

~ Gail


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