It’s Canada Day…and I’m Halfway Through My Daily Sketches!

Daily sketches: Out and About

I’ve just returned from watching the magic of fireworks! Not only are we celebrating Canada Day today but I’m also personally celebrating my success of doing my daily sketches for half a year with not one sketch missed from the beginning of the year! (You can read more about my project here.) So come celebrate with me!!

Here’s a selection of the daily sketches. Most of them are done in pen and ink. Occasionally I did a sketch in pencil or in ball point pen but there’s only one of each represented here. The sketches have been collaged so you aren’t seeing the whole thing. To see the full sketch and to see all the other daily sketches, go to my Facebook Page.


Daily sketches: Out and About
Out And About


Daily Sketches: Figures


Daily Sketches: Flowers
Daily Sketches: Around The House
Around The House
Dail Sketches: Still Life
Still Life
Daily Sketches: More Figures
More Figures



Daily Sketches: Self Portrait with view finder
Self Portrait With Viewfinder


It has been pretty difficult to get a sketch out every day. Some days, I’m sketching in the last hour before midnight, madly trying to get it finished and posted on Facebook before the day has ended. And I’ve done it so far.  Sometimes, it’s a real drudge, other days, a joy. It’s usually easier when I am travelling because all the scenes are new but being at home makes me look deeply into the things I live with everyday. Luckily Cam is usually a willing subject when I can’t get inspired by anything else. (If you know me, you know I have a predilection for figures!


I still have another six months to go. Pretty daunting. Yet I’ve made it this far without missing a day. So I KNOW I can do it especially with you cheering me on.


Thank you for being a subscriber and staying with me on my artistic journey.

~ Gail


PS. This sketch was from a day of frustration!!

Daily Sketches: Frustration Scribble
My Frustration Sketch!

6 thoughts on “It’s Canada Day…and I’m Halfway Through My Daily Sketches!”

  1. Congratulations, you have great perseverance. Inspiring, too, I know it’s what I *should* be doing, maybe I can get myself into gear, having seen your achievement! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks so much Jan! And glad you are inspired.

      Really, I think the fact that I made the commitment publicly on Facebook, is the main reason I have succeeded so far in doing a sketch every single day. Without that? I think it would have been hit and miss. And it’s not as if everyone’s waiting with bated breathe for the next daily sketch but the outward commitment stirred something within me and created an inner commitment to myself. So that’s what I would recommend ie. making a public commitment. Even just to an accountability partner, someone perhaps who will do the chosen project along with you. And maybe if one person doesn’t come through one day, then that person buys the other a coffee, or whatever. Just a thought 🙂

      Let me know what happens!

  2. Suzanne Gregory

    Hi Gail,
    I watched some of your youtube demos last month and signed up. I am a retired school librarian and teacher living in rural eastern Maryland. Having grown up in northern Vermont, I used to hear more about Canada Day. A few years ago I tried pastels by taking some classes at a local Art Academy. I don’t “make time” for art often enough, but I want to because I love the pastel medium. Thanks for your inspiration!

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks for letting me know how you found your way to me.

      I know how difficult it is to make time for art. Right now I am finalizing a plein air online course in pastels and it’s amazing how much technical stuff there is to do! Egads. It is, however, almost ready to launch. Yay!! But all that takes time away from the doing of art.

      Look forward to hearing your comments on future blogs.

      Thanks for joining me,

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