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Hands in Paintings (at SAM): Willem de Kooning, "Woman," 1943, oil on board, 28 1/4 x 23 1/16 in (71.8 x 58.5 cm), Seattle Art Museum

Last week I was in Seattle for a couple of days and while there I took in the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). An interesting and varied collection, I wanted to share some of what I

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It’s Easter weekend and so I have an excuse to present you with a strange yet elegant and beautiful version of the deposition of Christ from the cross. The Bible gave Renaissance artists ample stories to illustrate

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In 2015, I challenged myself to do a sketch-a-day for the entire year. That was some project I’ll tell you! There were good days and some not so good days (in fact some desperate days!). I wrote a blog

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Mihály Munkácsy, "Park in Colpachi," 1886, oil on wood, 38 x 51 3/8 in (96.5 x 130.5 cm), Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Mihály Munkácsy – Ever Heard Of This Hungarian Artist?

Mihály Munkácsy (1844-1900), considered one of Hungary’s most renowned artists, yet, until now, an artist totally unknown to me. We’ve just returned from three weeks in Budapest on a working holiday – we worked but we also had this incredibly vibrant and beautiful city outside our door to explore. I spent a most delightful day poking

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Daily sketches: Out and About

It’s Canada Day…and I’m Halfway Through My Daily Sketches!

I’ve just returned from watching the magic of fireworks! Not only are we celebrating Canada Day today but I’m also personally celebrating my success of doing my daily sketches for half a year with not one sketch missed from the beginning of the year! (You can read more about my project here.) So come celebrate with

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Who are you as an artist? Mark Rothko, "Untitled (Purple, White, and Red)," 1953, oil on canvas, 77 3/4 x 81 3/4 in, Art Institute of Chicago

Who are you as an artist?

Who are you as an artist? A reader recently wrote me: “My question is about losing who you are as an artist or perhaps finding who you are…?” She had recently taken both realistic and abstract paintings in different mediums to a show. In the past she had sold all types but this time she made no

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Trust Exhibition promotion via email

Trust – An Exhibition Of Recent Explorations

A couple of months ago you will have seen the promotion of my most recent solo exhibition, Trust.   Although the Little Fernwood Gallery is only open formally a few hours a week, I received some very positive feedback to this new work. And this is somewhat of a relief as it confirms that it’s “okay”

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Secret Gallery - close-up

A Secret Gallery In La Manzanilla….Shhhhhhhhh

Yes, a secret gallery! Want to know more? Read on! Last year, while on my annual stay in La Manzanilla, my friend and art mentor Patrizio shared a discovery with me. There’s an abandoned house near him in front of which he has created a lovely garden. (I believe the impetus was to deter all the

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Sketch a day 365-12 - pencil Next Door Neighbours

A Sketch A Day – My Commitment to Project 365!

Some days I don’t draw or paint, busy as I am on the computer with internet marketing and creating online courses. And this really gets to me sometimes. So I’ve decided to do a sketch a day in 2015 and post it daily on my Facebook Page. There will be no limits as to medium, size, complexity.

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