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Hands in Paintings (at SAM): Willem de Kooning, "Woman," 1943, oil on board, 28 1/4 x 23 1/16 in (71.8 x 58.5 cm), Seattle Art Museum

Hands In Paintings At The Seattle Art Museum (SAM)

Last week I was in Seattle for a couple of days and while there I took in the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). An interesting and varied collection, I wanted to share some of what I saw with you. I decided on the theme of hands in paintings. I find hands some of the trickiest subjects

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Jacopo Carucci da Pontormo, "The Deposition,"1526-1528, oil on wood, 313 x 192 cm (123 x 76 in), Capponi chapel, Santa Felicita, Florence

The Deposition by Pontormo – One Of My Favourites!

It’s Easter weekend and so I have an excuse to present you with a strange yet elegant and beautiful version of the deposition of Christ from the cross. The Bible gave Renaissance artists ample stories to illustrate for church patrons none more so than the many scenes of Christ’s life and particularly his death and resurrection. I

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Mihály Munkácsy, "Park in Colpachi," 1886, oil on wood, 38 x 51 3/8 in (96.5 x 130.5 cm), Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Mihály Munkácsy – Ever Heard Of This Hungarian Artist?

Mihály Munkácsy (1844-1900), considered one of Hungary’s most renowned artists, yet, until now, an artist totally unknown to me. We’ve just returned from three weeks in Budapest on a working holiday – we worked but we also had this incredibly vibrant and beautiful city outside our door to explore. I spent a most delightful day

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Women And Parrots In Paintings – How They Are Depicted

I used to keep parrots – Maximillian Pionus, Black-headed Caiques, and Senegals – and sometimes I miss them. Today I came across a book called Parrot Culture by Bruce Thomas Boehrer (which I haven’t read and may or may not do so). On the cover is a painting by Courbet. I then recalled the painting

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