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Secret Gallery - close-up

A Secret Gallery In La Manzanilla….Shhhhhhhhh

Yes, a secret gallery! Want to know more? Read on! Last year, while on my annual stay in La Manzanilla, my friend and art mentor Patrizio shared a discovery with me. There’s an abandoned house near him in front of which he has created a lovely garden. (I believe the impetus was to deter all

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Road trip to Seattle and the Bellevue Art Museum (BAM)

As you know, it’s been a crazy couple of months with two shows – ‘Emergence’ and ‘Caught Red Handed’ – coming back to back. As a break, my friend Andrea suggested a trip to the Bellevue Art Museum to see Kathy Venter’s show ‘Life’ before it ended. Sounded like a great rejuvenating idea!   I’ve

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Kara Walker – in black and white

  One of the more challenging rooms Cam and I visited at the Chicago Institute of Art (at the beginning of August) was one exhibiting the work of Kara Walker (b.1969) in a show titled, Rise Up Ye Mighty Race!. I’d vaguely heard of her before but had no idea we were about to encounter

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