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Who are you as an artist? Mark Rothko, "Untitled (Purple, White, and Red)," 1953, oil on canvas, 77 3/4 x 81 3/4 in, Art Institute of Chicago

Who are you as an artist?

Who are you as an artist? A reader recently wrote me: “My question is about losing who you are as an artist or perhaps finding who you are…?” She had recently taken both realistic and abstract paintings in different mediums to a show. In the past she had sold all types but this time she made

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Something that just pisses me off….Size Matters!!

  Size Matters!   Size matters, oh yes it does.   Okay, so let me tell you what just drives me crazy – books and catalogues that don’t list the size of the piece of art shown. Although most recently published books do give this information, I have flipped through publications (many how-to books) that

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Is it a Painting or a Drawing? The debate over the status of pastels

Recently on the Pastel Society of America (PSA) Facebook page, a conversation was initiated by someone who had had work rejected from an exhibit because as a pastel, it was considered a drawing by the organizers and the show only accepted paintings. You can imagine the furor that started in this pastel group!   So

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When is a painting finished?

  The other side of the blank canvas syndrome is the When is a painting finished question.   Today I bring you a creation that I started some time ago and have worked on, on and off, over the last few months. It’s one of those really exploratory pieces I’ve been doing, ones where I

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The Big Blank Canvas…Seriously!

My plan for these blogs has been to alternate between what I’ve been up to artwise and the bigger picture of art history. It’s worked pretty well…so far.   But this past couple of weeks since returning from Chicago I’ve had the dickens of a time getting my teeth into some ‘big’ work. Yes, I

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