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More risk and another pastel in the standing figure series

The third in a series, the pastel that I am about to show you has been half, no, more than three quarters finished since September last year. (I only know this from the notes in iPhoto on the progression photos – I couldn’t believe it’s been a year!) Sometimes pieces need to sit for awhile.

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And now for something completely different – a pastel

Pastel Explorations   As many of you know from previous blogs, along with the work I do that reflects my response to what I see visually in the world, I yearn to create what emerges from within and also what is a response to the process of the work itself. I have been doing daily

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Daily paintings from La Manzanilla, Mexico – numero uno!

  Saludos from La Manzanilla!   As delightful as it is here – sunny and warm, lovely people, beautiful long beach with hardly anyone on it – I have committed to pastel/draw/paint every day. I am determined to continue exploring new directions in my work as well as creating daily paintings. I have a box

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Pastels for Kennedy Gallery, Grand Cayman

  This is going to be a quickie. Truly. I’m with immediate family in Grand Cayman having such fun so squeezing in blog time is tricky. But I have a couple of my pastels to show you.   I brought them down for Kennedy Gallery as they had sold some pieces recently (always great to

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