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sketch-a-day: Flowers

Sketch-A-Day 365 – How You Can Do It Too!

In 2015, I challenged myself to do a sketch-a-day for the entire year. That was some project I’ll tell you! There were good days and some not so good days (in fact some desperate days!). I wrote a blog about it at the beginning and one halfway though. In this post, I want to share examples from the second

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Daily sketches: Out and About

It’s Canada Day…and I’m Halfway Through My Daily Sketches!

I’ve just returned from watching the magic of fireworks! Not only are we celebrating Canada Day today but I’m also personally celebrating my success of doing my daily sketches for half a year with not one sketch missed from the beginning of the year! (You can read more about my project here.) So come celebrate

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Degas – his figure drawings…taking a closer look

Today, I was flipping through the superb book, Degas by Himself, edited by Richard Kendall. I found I was drawn (hah!) to Degas’s figure drawings especially after life drawing last week on Salt Spring. Most of us are familiar with his more well known paintings and pastels of racehorses, ballerinas and portraits but here were

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