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Pastel painting video (red bra) and a look back at 2012

  It’s the evening of Sunday 30th of December as I write. All is quiet and the moon, spied once or twice through a parting of the clouds, still looks full. The sidewalks are empty and there is little movement on the streets. There is a hush in the air, expectant perhaps, as we move

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My newest video on YouTube – nasturtiums in a glass

MY NEWEST VIDEO!!   It’s 1st of December as I write – is that for real??? I remember when I thought, Oh wow, I have another three months until Christmas, what a relief! But now it’s what? 24 days. Have to deal with it I guess.   Okay, onto my real news! I’m excited about

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My Newest Video and October Birthdays

MY LATEST YOUTUBE VIDEO   I’m really excited to tell you that my newest video is up on YouTube. It’s a similar demo to those I have done before but rather than running music along with the action, I’m giving a bit of an explanation as to what I’m doing. I would love to hear

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