"Art is much less important than life but what a poor life without it!"

~ Robert Motherwell


I love what I do and I love helping others experience their own joy creating art. I have been teaching, both drawing and pastels, for about 15 years.


Gail Sibley was born to artistic parents, and brought up in Kingston, Jamaica. These years in the Caribbean undoubtedly has influenced her palette while the encouragement and support of her parents influenced the direction Gail was to take towards the arts.


Thanks for stopping by to see what’s new!  Here you will find my most recent work, musings on art, a bit of art history, my inspiration for painting, tidbits about my art life in Victoria, Canada, La Manzanilla, Mexico and places in between.

If you are looking for more detailed focus on pastels and how to use them, please visit my howtopastel website by clicking here.


” Gail, I always look forward to your posts. So informative, inspiring and uplifting. Much appreciated.”

~ Jeff L, Santa Maria, California


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Hands In Paintings At The Seattle Art Museum (SAM)

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Who are you as an artist?

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Trust – An Exhibition Of Recent Explorations

A couple of months ago you will have seen the promotion of my my most recent solo...

A Secret Gallery In La Manzanilla….Shhhhhhhhh

Yes, a secret gallery! Want to know more? Read on!   Last year, while on my annual...

A Sketch A Day – My Commitment to Project 365!

Some days I don’t draw or paint, busy as I am on the computer with internet...

“The Magpie” by Claude Monet – A Close Look At A Favourite Snowscape

I remember when I first saw Claude Monet’s painting, “The Magpie.” It was on a greeting...